Boosting creative dynamics, structuring, and equipping bold agility to develop a fertile posture and optimize the precision of innovations.-

We energize, stimulate creative talents, and provide tools to generate, develop, and sharpen innovative ideas...
Do the right thing, and do it right!

Customized interventions around Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, and agile sprints, which can be enhanced by AI (GPTs*) or ad hoc immersive universes**, depending on time, resources, and strategic issues...

Real-time 3D environments allow immersion into the target's experience (their practices, motivations, daily life...), into the imaginary universe of the category, product, or brand. A creative stimulation ground to enhance innovation sessions!

3 signature supports :

Soulignement avec flèche_iasagora


1 or 2 days to engage teams and strengthen the innovation pipeline in “commando” mode.

Soulignement avec flèche_iasagora


2 or 3 months to generate innovation ideas in design thinking mode, prototype to embody and challenge ideas beyond concepts…

Soulignement avec flèche_iasagora


3 to 6 months to develop innovation ideas in agile and iterative mode, with cross-functional teams and a “test and learn” approach!

A GPT is a customized version of Open AI's ChatGPT conversational AI. We offer a Microsoft-approved Teams plugin, fully secure in your Teams / SharePoint environment.
We have developed private GPTs, merging our expertise in creativity, innovation, and consumer centricity with the reasoning and interpretation capabilities of AI.

**Model, immersive 3D Universe
Thanks to real-time 3D technology and enhancement with artificial intelligence, we can create immersive, customized 3D model worlds to boost your collaborative processes.

To ignite the rocket’s boosters…