Co-constructsolid, agile, and empathetic foundations to get all stakeholders on board, guided by meaning and train motivation.

We foster mutual understanding between individuals, sharpen their grasp of the opportunities at stake, and bring out the milestones to be reached with empathy and creativity, so that vision inspires action. And we always do it in good spirits!

Our devices can be amplified by tailor-made AIs (GPTs*), designed to assist and boost writing/formalization times, and to convey/communicate results in a fair and touching way, according to objectives and contexts.

These supports can last from a few hours to a few days…

3 signature supports :

Soulignement avec flèche_iasagora


Get to know each other better and develop internal empathy to transform differences into complementarities.

Soulignement avec flèche_iasagora


Align yourself with the fundamentals of a team or project (values, purpose, positioning…), to (re)start with the right attitude and prepare for the launch pad!
Soulignement avec flèche_iasagora


Co-construct a roadmap collectively, to steer with meaning along with consumer centricity…

A GPT is a customized version of Open AI's ChatGPT conversational AI. We offer a Microsoft-approved Teams plugin, fully secure in your Teams / SharePoint environment.
We have developed private GPTs, merging our expertise in creativity, innovation, and consumer centricity with the reasoning and interpretation capabilities of AI.

To give wings to the collective…