Sharpen consumer knowledge and make it shine, for a strengthened co-design culture and true actionability in projects


We support interactions between teams and their clients, promote the adoption of learnings, and convert data into creative stimuli, or Augmented Personas (customized AI*) to sense and feel consumers' needs, motivations, and perceptions.

Tailor-made interventions with different levels of immersion...

3 signature supports :

Soulignement avec flèche_iasagora


The richness of qualitative research is fully harnessed through a rational and sensitive appropriation workshop.

Soulignement avec flèche_iasagora


A hybrid method that combines the agility of Design Thinking with the depth of qualitative research, to merge understanding and action!

Soulignement avec flèche_iasagora


Active immersion of teams in the experiences or reactions of consumers, through supervised conducting of interviews.

A personalized conversational AI, fed by a set of study reports and potentially embodied in an immersive environment (setting + avatar). Teams can thus question, and explore the universe of a target in a much more touching, creative, and immersive manner.

Concretely, this takes the form of an intelligent chatbot in Teams, or an interactive avatar navigating through a relevant scene.
The personas truly come to life; teams can interact with them through natural conversations and question-and-answer sessions.

To change the world through the eyes of consumers…