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ias.agora greeting card 2022

And finally, we were able to synchronize with the collaborative platform of the French leader in enterprise social networks and collaboration tools of the publisher Jamespot, with whom ias.agora participates in the development of some apps. It is the suite of applications that meshes an application with an activity flow, a very ergonomic collaborative media management, a visual management of team roles and a kanban-type table to synchronize well. All this is associated with our project management method from ias.agora… And in the current context, all this was done remotely, complemented by the excellent duo Miro (whiteboard) and Zoom that we no longer present.

Highly visual Jamespot workflow for the team to communicate in real time
A visualization of the roles of the self-organized team in the form of a circle
Twice-weekly synchronization focused on tasks and action items during agile sprints

In case of difficulty to view this movie in real time 3D you can find it here.